Why Strong People feel Tired Mentally Rather Than Physically

The “Show Must Go On.” No matter how tired, hurt, disappointed the stronger people feel; The fact doesn’t change why we are different. Pain makes a person or breaks a person. For some, it can lead to the dark path or for some its a complete transformation with the same spectrum of life which make them fighter not only survival, The last version hate pity get up and get going no matter what storm they saw last night.

What makes the strongest person?

The only person who has lost everything with a broken heart; But still believes in “LOVE.”

For the high-end people how have survived highest trauma still shine as a bright starts no matter how much the life is to offer them. Example Malala, who stood between life and death and raised from ashes. What else can be the best example of inner strength she holds to date:

So what does strength of being strong stands for?

  1. The night when you have cried loud between four walls, As the walls can only listen to the amount of pain tearing your heart before falling sleep due to over cry.
  2. But still, manage to wake up morning overcoming the last night trauma and fighting with own Demons.
  3. Completely start the day with another fresh face as if much happened, dressing up to work kicking beginning the day with a smile.
  4. Many time forgive the people for the harshness they used to broke your heart, who hold small thinking about your nature.
  5. After the loss in life; still holding the strength to treating many are not the same assholes and helping them if it’s required.
  6. Trying to trust again in life when entire life went with untrustworthy people and not cross-question other people ethics with few rotten unkind humans.
  7. Even though, the mojo has been taken over; but still holding the light of goodness inside you.
  8. Never stop loving even after it has not given any earning leaving you blank with zero’s.
  9. Finally, Strength of being strong is after everybody bands you and your emotions. But still living the life with yourself.

These things I lived in action, It took too long for me to know the worth of myself; And to raise myself all alone.

Sometimes the question pops up inside me ” How Long; I am Exhausted To The Core.”

I’m tired of the simple expectation of hope I get every time, and it fails like a bright falling start. Its really hurt and scatter my heart into pieces. Even after a long battle where you still have to lift the sword to fight for yourself “ONLY TO SAVE URSELF.” Sometimes at night, the heart goes so massive being let down by loved ones, Leftover is nothing to blame self for the things happened.

I’m tired of being let down. And always blaming myself for things. Because No one else wants to take the blame. When I try climbing the stair by one step; fortunately bounce back four step back I feel tired attempting to make my life.

Challenged continuously by people in the name of fate; Fighting for somebody to pamper or take care after the long war in life. But could find none to even comfort telling              ” DON’T WORRY I AM THERE WITH YOU.”

That is the time I think I am tired when expecting the presence of the loved one. But find none at the time I am sick. I am keen to handle anything; But when the expected person fails to understand. But still, the heart tries to convince the person via message. But the reply would go blank with no supportive words which I want to hear.

Now I am finally so tired that; I don’t express my emotions to the person who understand so little or nothing from the other side. I’m tired of trying so hard to please others when I don’t ask for much in return. I go having sleepless nights where no one bothers to know. I’m tired of carrying this weight on my shoulders from my past that haunts me.

I’m tired of being healthy for everyone. Where I am the person to figure out the solutions to try again. Tried of explaining, Tired of people walking over me again and again, Tired of silent treatments.

Too tired of being Empath of knowing people and getting into their shoes, ensuring they pain emotions and problems is mine. Where I knew there is only hurt burns. Getting exhausted with mental pain rather than physical pain. In the dark room holding all the emotional and putting the bright face. But on the other end of such intense emotions is knowing a love so deep, it fills you despite their absence. Despite the sadness, you can’t shake, on most days, you’ll experience the happiness that makes it worth it. Despite the pain of endings, you’ll look forward to new beginnings. Because you know when you get it right it’s worth it.

There is something rare about a person that strong. They are the healers. They are the light for others in darkness creating hope of others though they have lost they own faith in the life of being loved by someone and heal inner core scars.

  • Sangavi
  • Being In Love is Being in the second life of the fantasy; I keep myself drunk in poems where I live a life of all the poets;
    Emily Dickinson, ‘Much Madness Is Divinest Sense.’
    Anonymous, ‘Fowls in the Frith.’ This poem, which is around 800 years old, is ambiguous
    Oliver Goldsmith, ‘An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog.’

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