When Is NOW Moment

As many Influencer speakers targets stating “Live In the Movement.” If so many people talk about this matter, There should be a solid reason for us to believe in it. But for us, it’s almost next to impossible to stay in the present and live today. Do we take this as overrated or think the statement is nearly impossible to follow.

Including me, it was difficult to put myself into present living. And 95% of humans spending they entire lives in the past or tomorrow as a daydreamer. Even though we know history is past its never going to come back, Second Tommorwo never comes.

Why does it make so awkward? Our brain loves the idea of self-pity; Each time it goes back since it makes us feel warming. As we have gone throw so many obstacles which should gain some kind of attention either speaking up or self-pity within ourselves.

That’s one of the core truth we love our past and stick with it. We all are attention seekers. It is no different from it. From Kim Kardashian to us ordinary laymen. She gave the courage to get a note publicly. We do it in a small circle of our close ones. This is an example of seeking attention.

Secondly, we fantasized about those past movements so severely that we keep recollecting it as if we are living in it today. People are very fragile with the concepts of yesterday since they always feel it was better than today or the pain which keeps them intact with it.

The Daydreams whats to do everything tomorrow keeping they brain busy occupied of tomorrows planing which is never going to come.

Finally, we blame our brain which lives a life of a monkey. No matter how hard you thing to change your thoughts; The mind goes to the same place where it fell in love or missed falling in love. Or either we living what we could have done previously better or What best we did try to empathize the same vision again and again.

So Stop bullshitting yourself now; Brain is just an organ in our body, and you’re unable to loop it correct directions.

You want to live in the present but how could I? The only way is to first stop doing multitasking. When your working work on that. When your listening to a song enjoys the music. When you’re with your girlfriend or boyfriend listen to them, Stop digging into your phone keeping your mind wandering in different directions.

Even if you want to be successful. Do things now which reflects your tomorrow efficiently without any issues. Learn from your past and stop SELF-PITY. There is no one to buy it for a long run. Work on yourself and work on your focus now. 

If you’re not living you’re are dying and wasting entire life. Finally to go death bed with full of regrets; Hoping I could have this or that.  Many of u don’t like to open the windows. All my mind shifted with quotidian people lives; where they are in a hurricane where everybody is in a sprint, even they don’t know what? It’s so important to run? People are more bewildered about being over-confident for nothing. That is a whole new level of emptiness.

We don’t sense life anymore to live in present from inmost voice. We think we are living today. But for the fact is we live for tomorrow salaries forgetting about NOW.

That’s is the reason many well-educated speakers; turn in Meditation which is a concentration of now and ask us to follow it. But with our sick culture of job, family, a pressure of money, loan, security of tomorrow not knowing we would be alive or not.

The Simplest way is to take a deep breath closing the eyes and feel the movement for yourself not to impress someone and always remember practice makes everything impossible.


Today is the day you live; Make it as Markable and memorable




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