Things We Learn In Our Thirties

Things learnt in the thirties;

1. Impressing is useless If it’s not understood.

2. Self-awareness and Health care is an Important factor.

3. Putting your self first.

4. Don’t talk about winning an argument.

5. Knowledge is wealth.

6. Money is an essential tool to have a healthy lifestyle.

7. Lesser friends with deep understanding.

8. Knowing everything is temporary.

9. To understand where to talk and stop explaining self.

10. The most significant investment in books.

11. A better understanding of relationships.

12. Life is not a fair game

13. There is no point of the blame game.

14. Understanding that no one is going to save anybody, the only best offer is to support and stand next to loved ones.

15. Few bad things can’t be controlled by us. But to understand how to handle it.

16. Inner peace is the most valuable thing than material things.

17. Nothing is everlasting in life. Everything comes with an expiry date.

18. Death is certain.

19. There is a vast difference between spirituality and religion.

20. Love can heal everything.

21. The family is essential to part of life.

22. Finding no happiness, in late night parties.

23. Learning how to allocate time.

24. Finding joy in a single relationship and holding it steadily.

25. Understanding all problems have a solution but give it some time

26. Let go; since all the things don’t require a fix.

27. People Treat us: Not based on how we treat them. But Its about how you treat Yourselves.

28. There is nothing wrong in life or nothing to lose; Then what is stopping us from trying things.

29. Fear is the root cause of suffering.

30. Kids are priceless; Nurturing them is the toughest job of humankind.


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