The Way I Feel

The way I feel is a group of short thoughts within me, For a long time I was unable to get these thoughts into words, Now I think I could get them into words adding emotions to these wondering thinking. Most of them are reflected within me.

Is the notion of the feeling of loneliness;
Many people do not surround me,
The days go long talking to myself;
Thinking how it would be with people around;
after the day of hard work, Is someone waiting for me at home?
How the weekend would go;

If I could find someone to share my pizza;
indulging with a talk what picture to watch or to have lazy weekend;
But find nobody,
For the fact check to keep a company of someone talk;
I keep running Netflix movies, to make me feel that I am not alone under these four walls of my home.
My book-selves raise its space, as I go adding extract family member to accompany me;
I throw myself in the books and movies to process dopamine inside me;
As the day sinks itself tonight;

I wonder If my phone could ring with the known name;
Asking me how are you and how was your days;
Unfortunately, The incoming call starts with a credit card due;
And If I am looking for insurance or a new loan;
Thou the heart wishes to call loved ones;
But left out with a chilling feeling they would be busy;
Who can’t even spend five minutes in their 24 hours of a day time;

There is a bit of struggle inside me with it,
Why I am not important to nobody;
Having messy relationships with those, who do not care about me
And just to tell a few simple words to heal;
I find people busy with there know mess,
Which they have created around themselves;

Making me overthink; Everybody is naked and messy;
But still people take time helping they loved ones;
As it drawn to me, I find myself alone and sometimes helpless to
Express the wandering emotions inside me;
As I could see all the days with my own company of life;
Develop the practice of talking to myself rather than outside;

Thou, I pick up my falls pieces and walk as if nobody saw me torn;
To Wear a mask of happiness,
And walking away from the people how to show up as the broken star to absorb my positive energy;
Sometimes I wish I could have someone, But the fact hit me like a storm
making me feel I am survival, not a loser or just fighter,


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