The Girl I meet In Road Side

The Girl I meet In Road Side: Is the story of the weekly edition published every weekend. Please hold back with the story of this new collection. 

I saw a girl every day, on the roadside path which I take from my office to my house; She stood tall and beautiful with a silent and calm face. Where in peaking traffic hours most of us have impatience mood and arrogant face for reaching home.

Maybe she was waiting for a cab or someone to pick her up. There was no strain in her face. As days passed, she became a familiar face I use to most of the days at the same time.

Once we met in a pub grabbing the same brand of drinks. There was a kind of happiness and smile inside me seeing her in the same place. I felt good and smiled at her even thou without knowing she would grin at me. As a kind gesture, she greets with a hello greetings.

We both were waiting for our group of friends who yelled at horrible traffic. Meanwhile, we exchanged each other names and numbers and moved on with our own set of friends with a smiley hug.

Next Chapter, Next Week.


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