The Girl I meet In Road Side VI

The Girl I meet In Road Side: Is the story of the weekly edition published every weekend.

She Continued, As I sipped my coffee,

“It was my old memories which I have held for a while,
Thou, I think Memories are the only real things which we hold on

rest all other things are temporary, Which we can feel and touch. And We keep moving on in a fraction of seconds just carrying thoughts with us.
Unfortunately, some are held inside us forever whether it’s good or bad or it hurts, or it’s healing, We keep holding. Thou; it burn us alive.

Taking a deep breath, She said, “I wish I could have better ones to keep with me” with a sobering smile.

Seeing her smile, I sat absorbing each word, as if I got possed with her story. And It seems the things were spicing up, Putting me into more curious state and allowing her to speak to her heart content.

She continued “I dreamt, from childhood to have somebody in life who can just love me the way I am.”
There was no other thoughts or possessions I had. Since I saw no real love from childhood, it was all third umpire love I received.

My family breathe easy, As they got me married to a wealthy man in the town. Who has a good job, reputed family history and hefty bank balance, with a big house and more material things in his name. Who never smoked or got drunk
Everybody thought he was a virgin and a good god fearing man and well-educated; These all things shoot up in the top spot of our society list, to get married. My family thought he was Mr.right in my life.
The proposal was speeding up. I was struck between confusion, whether to give up my dreams or what to do or whether it was the right path in my life?
There was none who could have helped me. Growing up in a religious family, I started assuming it was God’s Wish.

Since there was no place to go or no place hide, the knife was hanging on my neck with a pressure; My childhood friends suggested me to run away. She laughs as she said. She continued.
I had nowhere to run?

Things didn’t work on my favour, My family, stood in one side stating, Get married to the guy whom we have chosen,
Or You have no place in our home. Said, my aunt.

Bumping in with a Question “Aunt”?
What about your parents?
She moaned with silences for a few minutes, while whispering “I am orphan”, I lost my parents at a very early age,

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