The Girl I meet In Road Side VII

The Girl I meet In Road Side: Is the story of the weekly edition published every weekend.

She continued,
Taking a deep breath, She nodded her head.
As I asked, ” Did you get married”?
She said “yes” I did get married.
And came to this city which I made my home.

Meanwhile, I got distracted with a call. It was my mother as I walked away to talk. Taking a break between the storyline. Thou, I was on call. I noticed the way she was sitting with the coffee mug; her body was trembling.

While I spoke to my mother, I could see a sense of uncomfortableness in her face. She kept staring at her phone doing nothing; her face turned pale. As if she wanted to run away as soon as possible.

My thoughts were questioning me If it was a good idea to speak up someone else personal matter or get involved in unwanted problems. All these thoughts were popping inside my head.

Meanwhile, My mother from another side asked: “Honey What is the Matter”? You’re not replying properly, and I could sense a disturbance in your voice. With an angry note, I replied, “Nothing Mom” I am with a friend, Whom I told you a long time back.

Even thou, I knew my mother couldn’t remember, I told I would get back home and tell her the whole story. Now let me disconnect the call. Mom replied it’s Midnight reach home sooner, Don’t get into trouble.
With “Ok mom” slang I disconnected the call.

But I kept thinking about the girl I met on the road, wondering “What is going inside her head”.
Meanwhile, The time was running, As I was tried for the day.
And desperately I wanted to drive home as soon as possible laying on my couch. Thou, I could not tell this girl “I am leaving” in an abrupt tone.

As I thought, she found me as an interesting person who could listen to her story. As if no one were listing to her, Having a mixed feeling of tiredness and sympathy towards this girl. I walked towards her. While changing my face from suspicious to a straight smiley face. While sitting on the chair, I raised my lane voice “sorry it’s my mother.”

She smiled and told “oh that’s Ok” with envy looks stating lucky you. It was a little strange for me. But gave up thinking as “nothing to think about”. All my thoughts about going to my home.

I popped up asking “if we could drive on the way so I could drop you. while keeping our talk intact.
Yes, She told.

While I called for a bill and got up to leave. Both walked towards my car. While walking, I felt a strong sense that something is going to be wrong or I am creating a mess.
My thoughts were non-stop. but I tried to clean up my ideas.
I wished things would be good as we walked.

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