The Girl I meet In Road Side V

The Girl I meet In Road Side: Is the story of the weekly edition published every weekend.

There was a movement where she got her throat clear, Left a feeling inside me as if I was seating on an overheated oven, which would bust out anytime. Holding my calmness on my face. 

She spoke, I was thirteen when I left my hometown. Honestly, it’s not my real home town as my parents got a farmhouse to my grandparents where they could spend their old age in the countryside.

Noticing a “wicked smile” on her face, she continued, “I” was forced to leave my country life behind to trade with this city life in the name-game for secured life with marital tag.  As I was holding my biggest ego of having fairytales life “Happily married ever after.” 

She goes on “To my good lucks” I owe a healthy sign, In which I always dreamed of making a big life in a big city like this. Thou, the dreams came true.

In an unsettling path which I did not expect and without knowing I am raising myself for an unprepared war of life.  For my off-record status, “I ‘ve fallen in love with this city, where I could relax my shoulders, with no expectation- but allowing me to hold my soul for few expensive trades of life.

I was listening to her as if everything around us just calmed down with silence where I heard nothing apart from her voice. As if all the people around me were on hold or in a mute state. Indulging myself into her shoes, I continued to listen with no words told.

Suddenly, She hopped with a direct hit, asking
Did you look @my phone message which popped up?

Having no place to lies, I replied “Yes”; How do you know it?
You did not even look at your phone. When I gave you?

She Smiled. It’s simple technology of our smartwatch alerts.

Feeling like a fool and laughing over it.

Immediately with the smiley voice, I asked “If Everything Is Ok” in your life? If it’s a real Pain you can share with me or if its too personal I am ok without knowing it.
Taking a long breath, she replied ” Nothing like that.” and she started to dig her bag for her phone. I kept looking with no idea what she was looking for.?

Meanwhile, I asked her ” Hey” Do you mind If I order another coffee?
Or you need one more expresso?

She polity declined No I am fine, Please go ahead with your order.
Meanwhile, She pulled her phone from her bag and asked me, to look at her phone screen. It was a reminder alert of the old text.

My eyeballs went upside down speechless.

Shooting a question She said, this is what you saw?

I, replied “Yeah.”

She continued, It was one of mine old memories list, Which pops ups ones in a while. 
I asked ‘ Why do you keep these hurtful messages.
” Just to know how far I have come” She Smiled


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