The Girl I meet In Road Side IV

The Girl I meet In Road Side: Is the story of the weekly edition published every weekend.
Continued, As both exchanged a smile.
Walking inside the coffee shop, I gave her the phone. While adding “I think you dropped your phone accidentally.” with formal thanks from her.
Still, I was very disturbed visualizing the popup message blinking inside my head with the question mark. And at the same time trying not to express my confused face in front of her to make her uncomfortable around me.

For my surprise, she just put her phone in her bag without reading the message adding more to my confusion list, whether she it was intentional or non-intentional thought.

Hardly I could figure out what the hell was happening, where I just wished to know about this girl. And things are getting added up with more suspense as if I was watching a “Hitchcock’s” movie. Still holding my foot on the ground with a panic attack without blabbering.

Clearing myself as I was Not in Devaju or looked like an idiot. With Haunting thoughts. We tried to grab a place to sit as we sat in front of each other. Both go conscious with each other. Cutting out all other disturbance around us.

We tried to put up with some words to get into talking buddies as if no one notices us.  Kickstarting from my end to keep the talk alive “Are You Local light.”She made herself comfortable with while answering No. I am from a small village from hum part of Istria. Oh, that’s a beautiful place I replied.

Wondering, she is a very secretive woman how have come a long way from a tiny village to a suburban city. It should have been a great deal of transformation from a simple country girl to demanding city woman facing traffic jam life every day. My mind was filled with three questions “What, Where, How, Where.”

Sipping my coffee to slow down, I continued how did you end up with this city? Keep herself calm she said I was abducted here, Which was not my choice with a gummy smile. I left with a blowing effect of landing over our next solar system, Throwing off coffee with an awful word sorry.

Still Keeping her cool, She said I am not lying, That is how I landed in his city seven years ago, unable to hide my face with wired confused facial expression. Felt like Reached my saturation point. Posted my question “Are You Serious” and “How?”.

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