The Girl I meet In Road Side III

The Girl I meet In Road Side: Is the story of the weekly edition published every weekend. Please hold back with the story of this new collection. 
Continuing, I asked her If I could drop her on the way? With ok tone, She asked, if I am going via commercial road. I bumped out with an answer of “yeah.” Thou, I was driving another side of the city without a second thought I made up my mind for dropping her and opening the car door.

As she sat, pulling the seat belt and adjusting her dress and making her hair appropriate. Holding minutes of silence between us. And me getting confused with one question “What If I am a lesbian?” with a blank mind.

I continued “Hey Today Do You Work?” Since it’s a long weekend of festival blues. Thou, she said, “Yes I do work on the weekend” with a soft voice. And me with a random question, Which company do you work? For a second, she stumbled with the name which made me feel wired.

Meanwhile, she bundled self-stating ABC company. Oh, I have seen this company name somewhere inform of “Dejavu” I replied, as she gave the address of the company before I popped up with the next Qa’s.

I invited her for a coffee If she has the time. With a disturbed tone, she said “Yeah Yes” sure. I was very much interested in knowing her Since I bargained some time to talk to her as she accepted my invitation.

Now I got to find a coffee shop nearby. Driving towards the coffee shop, I asked her to wait in the entrance since parking was full due to weekend fever.

It took a few minutes to get the parking slot. While I locked the car, I heard a beep sound for a message, and as it was not my phone tone, I found her phone lying on the seat which might be slipped down while she got out.

I was able to scan the popup message “Bitch Where Are You and I will kill you if your late today again.” It bounced inside me, my body sensing nothing for a second wondering what the f** was this and what I am ending myself with a crime or illusion?

Practising breathing exercise to get out of my illegal thoughts I picked her phone. Uff, getting out of my car and walked towards the coffee shop, where she stood with a smile waiting for me to come down.

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