The Girl I meet In Road Side II

The Girl I meet In Road Side: Is the story of the weekly edition published every weekend. Please hold back with the story of this new collection. 

After the first meeting,
A month passed by; I couldn’t catch a glimpse of her in the busy city traffic. I got busy with my Christmas and new year holiday plans. Someday I wonder what would have happened to her. And wishing to meet her again as the curiosity was pilling up to know her. Her eyes were genuinely attentive with the rare greenish color, Which are in Irirs clans. Thou she was not an Iris.

Thou I had her number to check or message her. I was filled with crazy thoughts asking myself with the question “What If”? If she had met with an accident or found dead in a bathtub or maybe she got married? And the thoughts went insane, What If, she ran away from home to get married to the guy who was not approved by the parents. Or she got attracted to the same sex partner where our society is on a hot boiling point of being lesbian Or went into a coma when she caught her cheating partners — or finally ending up herself in the bathtub with anti-depression overdose.
Still, there was hundreds of thought wandering in my tiny little brain.

Many times, I picked up my phone to send a “Hey” message to her, but unfortunately, something stopped me with silly hesitation. There was nothing wrong with it. But there were many questions on my mind. But all these rational beliefs was heading towards an end.

One Saturday night after a dinner date, I headed to my home, on the same road where I use to see her. I couldn’t believe I could see her again. She stood tall with her charming looks while waiting for her cab or whatever she was supposed to be getting picked up.

I found myself with a smile as if I won a lottery of million bugs. All the crazy suspension in my head stopped without further questions. I asked “Shall I drop you on the way” Thou, I felt it was an odd move.

I felt the warmness of good vibes. I was getting closure to open the door of my car with a broad smile. I assumed what if she do not remember me? deleted my number. She approached with a smile by calling my name. All the talk started with Hello and how are you?

Next Chapter, Next Week.


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