What Is Big Deal With Women

Everybody think handling Women is a big deal or rocket science; They harassment towards Men, torture, and sometimes you wish you never had them in your life. Finding urself with NO PEACE, And she always complains about you and getting on the toe to fight with you.

First Note: Women are not aliens or Men are not from Mars; They are found on earth enhancing the same amount of human status, blood, inner organs, feeling the same emotions, sadness and happiness apart from different gentiles.

Yes, Many times Women gets stubborn which catch up the fire of arguments slowing turning into core fight; But have thought “WHY IT HAPPENS? The answer is in loud conflict voice itself, Just give attention to the words: why the debate picks up and hold a little bit of humbleness to listen to WHAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE MAKING THIS loud cry.

She is not so bad as pictured. She holds all human qualities” Understanding when its told softly, Knowing the pain, listening are keywords to avoid conflict. she stands a step ahead when it comes to putting words into action.

Men’s get too lazy to give a shit on this area making things more complicated. As I personally believe in “ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN VOICE.” To note telling and doing things have the very huge difference and impact the humans tremendously.


We all humans take our close ones as granted, ignoring that they have emotional needs which should be fulfilled, and it keeps on changing from time to time. Emotional needs are compelling rather than material requirements. If this is not accomplished no matter how much Richie rich you are YOU FAIL. You will go down since all you hold its just money.

  1. When she fights; Listen to what kind of words are used. There is no best solution than HUG. Give her a hug her just telling how much you love her, There is nothing wrong stating it. Thou your twenties or fifties.
  2. Ask her how do you feel today rather than asking how you are? How are you are just a lame word which doesn’t suit the situation most of the time this statement used for formal people; Not dear ones.
  3. If she is quiet; ask if she needs her space or a company If you could help her to solve the problem.
  4. Generally, from humans to animals seek attention; it’s not they couldn’t handle themselves: But eventually, everyone seeks attention. That human tendency.
  5. Mortal; humans don’t know when they disappear in a swap. Keep them informed how much they meant to be in your life.
  6. When she goes back pull her back. If she is walking out, she will never return as the same person you would be losing her.
  7. When she texts you, make sure you reply her; that create a bounding of security that she is in safe hands of reliability

These things might sound silly for much men’s reading it, And often ends up telling we are not running a romantic movie her. Come to reality. When you can express anger WHY NOT LOVE?

For many reality is not expressing the things at the same time taking close ones as granted. Thinking they are here with me. WHAT THE HELL I HAVE TO EXPRESS every day’.

But in everyday life emotions play we essential role and it has no age limit. Guys stop being in illusions that Women are moody due to the monthly cycle, or just being crazy without reason. In fact, even mad people go mad for a substantial reason inside them. GOING CRAZY DO HAVE REASON, Listen to it don’t take any relationship for granted.

Emotions expression is the best way to carry a healthy life. Just imagine staying in the same home every day without knowing what the other person’s feelings are the worst uneducated act.


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  1. Todd

    100% correct. We, as humans, are all different in our own ways, but to say “Oh, women [or men] are different from me, I can’t understand them.” is lazy. It is like using the word “crazy”. If someone is crazy or can’t be understood then we don’t have to do anything. They’re irrational. By saying that we’re giving ourselves permission to do no work. If we delve deeper we might find that we are the problem and need to change. We may also find that we’re having a misunderstanding with our partner, or rarely we might even find that they’re being irrational. Each one of those, with work, can lead to a positive outcome. We can make positive changes in ourselves if we’re the problem. If it’s a misunderstanding, we can clear it, and if they are the one needing to change their perspective or how they behave, that can be discussed also. But if we just say “Oh women, they’re so confusing. I can’t figure it out.” we just let all of the problems persist and build distance between us.

    In the end you’re really right also. Understanding each other regardless of gender isn’t rocket science. Our wants and needs are very similar. But we need to take the time to listen and understand. Thanks for writing this. This is also one of my pet peeves as well.

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