Technical Error

We all are blessed being in the technology era of humankind. Its a blink most of the things are available. We are getting better with our lifestyle and comfortable enough to afford a decent life. Hold on I am not going to tell how great we are.

But the technical error we endorse in ourselves and invest in lifestyle. We behave like posters wherein it goes with ” First impression best impression.” Our Technocrat life and the pattern of our relationships go hand in hand. We stand in hot water to impress our partners or our boss with the best manipulation tricks.

Does this go hand in hand or we are blind enough to seek the difference between this two benefactors of life?

We love the new company the profit we earn with it. Making ourselves comfortable with relations and job. Happiness flourishes until the probationary period.

Next Level comes with a headache so-called “commitment” of relationships to marry or stay together. And at the same time, even the job is comfortable as we would have learnt how the application works.

The shitty part of life gets into real colour, pissed off with the job. Copy paste copy paste. In life, we think in the same format. Since we assume, we know everything about him/her. The silent prevails in relations and with a tedious job.

We can’t give up on the job, as we hold a ton of debts on our credit cards. Money becomes survival, which should be a tool for better good life.

On another hand relationship between two people becomes long never endings silent auction and when the mouth is opened it crumbles with fearful insecurity comes to inform of anger. Unable to address the issue hence we stay piling upon it. Thinking what others will think and social status will be hung forever.

Both the end job and relations get its error code ” Technical error.” Suffering, annoyed but living with it. At one end hate work but still set for 9-10 hours spending so-called real working. And another term; Silent treatment torturing hearts to suffocate inside. WHY SO?

We fail to live a life of family, relationships and parents. One for my friend came out stating he gives weekly two days for this wife, which are justified, as per him. And another came up what is there to talk on a daily bases. We run out of talks out of work, hanging, with Busy tag until death. Before deathbed, we think how I could have lived if only I could have done better.

We all have justifications for our pattern of behaviour. Our brain would give a technical error. But the heart knows the truth. Ask yourself are you’re happy for real? 


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