Sympathy Over Depression

This is not poetry or romance, it is the fact of my life, and many others lives suffering from depression. 

Depression is not “Mood Swing,” Or It is not easy telling “Move On.”
Or Sometimes yelling “Everything is in your hand.” Just you decide;

People who are running through the depression, Is Not looking for an escape route to tell they are ordinary flocks. The nights are just like a horror movie which runs in front of them. Still, they find themselves helpless week without knowing how to get out from this horrible dream circle.

The main reason for these self-destruction thoughts which are never healed in the past and keep adding without a fix. And this would be the gift of they loved ones who have walked out without knowing how sensitive people can get with emotions which can even kill them many times. They Live and die every day.

Sometimes the wounds are created in the early age of life; In this case, even the depressed person would be unaware of these scars, which would grow like a plague inside them.

This can go in raid-ark, unseen by others for this wired behavior. Because In our family depression is to act or showing temperamental of anger. But no one wants to know what could trigger them crazy and behave in a certain way.

Nobody wants to live a sad life. Unfortunately, our society can sympathize with celebrity or some other corner house person how would have died or suffered from depression.

But they forget their own family or loved ones need help to fight this odd behavior. People in depression would look normal from outside, But they would give the keys to their suffering as it keeps spreading all over them.

It is a question of ethics How far You can Go helping depressed People; Whether you would quit over them or tell I have my own life, I can’t get hold of a diseased person adding one more trouble in my normal life.
You are leaving these people to suffer from those thoughts which keep clinging on them.

For ordinary people, it’s straightforward to neglect, since they are not in there shoes.
It’s a shortage of chemical reaction in the brain. And All these people need someone to listen and help them to move from these haunted thoughts Which follows them like a shadow.

It ok to think, depression, people act, or they are just lazy, or they are giving reasons for being depressed all the time. And turn them off, with your so “Particular Thoughts.”

Normal People Ideology is that “they have already gone with their own set of problems” with an assumption of knowing the world better, and this depression is a cheap act. While allowing our own thinking “That I have seen life so hard and know best of life.”

One thing Depressed people can’t do it; they can’t explain their real thoughts and how the struggles go inside the head which cannot be described in a few words.

It’s a bundle of emotional trauma resting in the concern. Someday these unhealed thoughts would be busted like a volcano which can kill a depression person or hung them on a wall for many years as possible.

For some reason, few people are lucky enough where the problems will be acknowledged with correct treatment to get out. Unfortunately not for all where they are cursed with memories which keep haunting them.

Don’t Ever tell a depressed person “You Should Move On.” Until the scars heal, they won’t be able to move on. If possible Tell them ”I can understand and I am with You” and work out to fix the depression.

Humans Should Support Another human, That is humanity. This is the only reason we humans have come so far surviving.


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