Stop Absorbing Other’s Negative Vibes.

How many days you have up emotionally drained and don’t even feel like getting up which would affect your entire body and the day. This is when sympathetic people feel compassion towards others, empathy may take on the burden of others as if they were their own; messing yourself completely.

Sometime you will be just the outcome of other people energy; this can get serious attaching you on all the possible ways feeling fatigue mentally,  physically, that tiredness will pop up as if you tried from entire life even though its not your problem

I have gone through this emptiness most of the times. Where I was utterly exhausted from all the level; Most of the time ending up creating a mess with other people life. Where I would enter with pure intentions; but they would take me an idiot woman and treat shit and ignore me.  Once I went to the extent when my friend had a brain tumor; I suffered from that pain carrying on my shoulders. (which stood to be a lie) it was a heavy baggage.

All my experience with my uncontrollable empath characteristics let me over depression and mentally ill. While whatever it was told me I was getting into the skin of the pain. But could not understand how to stop it.

Where I took time to understand why and where it was wrong; clear indication was myself. And these are few options to share; It’s critical to realize that not doing anything which would create a mess over you and clear drawing a line where you have to stop your offering of emotional support to the people you love. Which is to protect your heart from getting exploited.

In this lifestyle it’s sporadic to find empathy to feel the human emotions and best gift a person can have; But think is that person worthy of your feelings, And most often ITS NO; They are not going to hold you the way you do.

So stop being a people pleaser; Since everybody has born with they own talent solving they hold problems. Even your loved ones; They have the complete sense to take care of them. Don’t allow yourself to absorb the negative energy.

The thumb rule of life is “LOVE YOURSELF AND RESPECT YOURSELF SINCE NO ONE IS GOING TO DO THAT FOR YOU. Many times people would let you down as they are not you and they can’t think like you. Maybe they are right in they own way. Never allow them to use your emotions against you.

Analyse what kindly of people you’re around with some always have time to see you when they need or feel like seeing you, But disappear in thin air when you need help Later coming with tons of reasons. Stop bullshitting yourself.

“YOUR NOT HERE TO FIX ANOTHER PERSON’S PROBLEMS; INCLUDING YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS.” as told before they have they own brain to solve things. As you get involved with them, you would start feeling respectless. And carry the word NO with you as its most required tool for empaths.

Non-Empathy are logic thinkers they don’t have any string attached towards empaths. It is essential to know your boundaries keep calm never crossing them this would save your self-esteem and stop being a damaged product always.

Your time and your heart are precious, so keep good people around you and block out the bad. If you find yourself saying no more than yes to a particular friend, consider if they are helping you grow or just holding you back. It’s important to give yourself time away from everyone so that you can tune into your own thoughts and desires. Whether it’s taking a bath or having a lazy morning in bed, schedule time to find your inner voice.

If you’re in a rough spot, go outside. The fresh air and innocence of the natural world will make you realize that every problem is small on the scale of the universe and that life always goes on. You are the only person who decides how you feel. No matter what environment you’re in, you have the choice to stay strong or to let others have power over you.  When you feel confident and love yourself, you gain emotional strength and endurance.

Don’t forget to stay positive in your daily life. It’s okay to let yourself have negative thoughts every once in a while, and when you do, live through them and let them go.

Allow yourself to roller your tears down a good cry always helped me to have a deep sleep and it’s the best medicine to get all the pain and negativity out.



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