Frictional Love Vs, Non-Frictional Love

We all want to find true love in our life or getting mesmerized by the idea of falling in love with one person for a lifetime. But how much we work in this particular area to find true love? Is this just frictional or non-frictional?

Do we really ready to fall in love with another human baring all they tantrum from both the side? Understand? Listen? Or this concept of love is Overall taken by AI technology? Or We just like physical relation part in it?

As far as I think I go blank with these question; I have been fallen in love couple of times; Each time I use to feel this is true love I am looking for; As fast I get into the comfort zone with the person; the things manipulated and get messed up from both the end. I use to think the person would be the same as we started, But my guy thought we know each other what is there more to talk between us.

I got real factual within and out of the relationship. Since it was emotional involvement for me. And things were hitting at the same point hurting myself. But it was enough where I wanted to take a back seat trying to understand why and where was our idea of true love was going wrong? Failing each time like crushing the heart.

We, humans, are too vulnerable towards the concept of love; which makes us fall in “as soon as possible” and “get out” with the same speed.

Our brain circuit system is wired in such a way that; There is no patient involved between two people with one side taking another person as granted and with another end expecting to spend some time together (apart from sex).

Instead of dealing with it we go with our childhood game “In-key pin-key pon-key father had a donkey; Donkey died father cried in-key pin-key pon-key” Its like I don’t like red go with yellow if I am bored with yellow then blue And if blue doesn’t work then green goes on and on.

Nowadays we sit on Social media hours together rather than talking to the human living in the same room; I see more pets photos rather than human photos. People are more happy with animals rather than another human being? The only difference I can see is that we humans can’t mate with our pet animals. If that was possible, I think many people would have married animals rather than humans.

And people who are reading this article don’t come to a conclusion that I am an expect person or giving a lecture in the name of an article; Which I am not. “I JUST WANT ALL TO THINK FOR A MINUTE WHY AND WHAT WE ARE MISSING IN LIFE. And still shooting for true love;

I have heard a lot from people movies are not real life; I can’t be a romantic hero like Richard Gere in Pretty Women or Being like Indian cinema Hero Shahrukh-Khan; Movies are still inspirations there is always something to learn from it. We go gaga on the Idea of romantic movies. But never ever think in real life;

We want true love, but we never particles the required qualities for that; We use messenger, tinder to flirt or swap people face. When you can’t understand the simple thumb rules of life is to love, to cherish, appreciate each other, talk, listen, understand nothing more will interest you for real.

  • I am not telling stop love your dogs and cats; But put an effort that they are also humans around you, who also need each other attention.
  • If your partner is talking to you- Don’t only be physically present but also give attention to the living being next to you.
  • Not meddling with your phone as if your thinking about rocket science or when you will reach Mars;
  • Indulge in talking rather than proving the point your correct entirely, and others are fools.
  • What on earth you want to prove so badly to satisfy your ego?
  • Listen to the words, check the action, understand what is making them talk like this.
  • This is all time-consuming process to know a person. Anybody can go naked, but how naked you can touch or see the soul? that matters and then the time you invest is worth it
  • Find a person who likes to look at your soul not just your features or bank balance.
  •  Knowing a person with empathy is worth living. Rather than being jumping money from one tree to another.

Love is soulful, filled with flaws and typical with humans characters; But no matter what it is the attachment should be in understanding not controlling them. Talking but not arguing with them. Listening to know the person not to overrate the person. And most important is giving the best gift time, Whether your “TAKING OR MAKING TIME FOR THEM” rather than spending your everyday lifetime working for 10-12 hours for money;

Note: Money is essential to life, But it’s not everything set a money limit not love limit, know the differences;

  • Sangavi
  • Being In Love is Being in the second life of the fantasy; I keep myself drunk in poems where I live a life of all the poets;
    Emily Dickinson, ‘Much Madness Is Divinest Sense.’
    Anonymous, ‘Fowls in the Frith.’ This poem, which is around 800 years old, is ambiguous
    Oliver Goldsmith, ‘An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog.’

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