Pain Change Human’s Life,When Its Torn Apart

She was in her twenties, still, then she was never allowed before to stay in her friend’s place alone, school trips or girly gang trip until twenty-four of age. Never stepped away from her home apart from her relatives. Unfortunately @the same day ten years back. She was out with no place to stay. I saw she had guts and blunt arrogant with her; where she did not have something known to as “Fear.” Before being kicked out, she was scared of what people will think? Everybody would blame her for turning on at her son having five years old son. That was the hardest deal she was supposed to make for her lifetime.

She loves him more than, herself, sharing the same blood and body with him the first time to feel her soul and unconditional love with her son. But at the same time, it was not easy for her to cope up with her in-law’s behavior. As she was unaware of how she is going to make her son understand at such a tender age and handle him. But there was a sense of bluntness pushed her to GET OUT.  At her age, level of experience was too low and filled with ignorance and innocents. The first time she was walking out and still believing in “LOVE” holding the tendency to trust everybody’s words. No matter what they told her. I saw a worst stupid girl in her; who thought everything is white milk; She never worked on her intuit side or cross-questioning people asking them WHY THEY SAID LIKE this or WHAT Is Behind this talk? It was plain truth for her.

Day 08:08:08 was the day where she was passing from one hell to another hell. But this time the test was tough she was supposed to learn everything from scratch in a new way all alone with ill society. No support was provided. The one weapon she had was truthfulness and being honest. What every she loved she did from her heart. Not harming anybody “Following The Heart.” no matter how stupid was her heart. The training session was at the raise, Henceforth whomever, she passed by it was going to teach her a lesson and heart would get num and learn to live with no one beside her.

Being honest with the thoughts and feeling too much is the worst Curse of any human. They are empaths suffering from soul pain where it tears everything apart. Now there was no hide and seek. People Judged her being alone, with an extended number of time suspension having affairs, how can a woman leave her son and walk out? Why doesn’t she care about society? Relatives, family, how long she can stay outside without a sex life??

As all these dramatic talks were going on. I found in her that, she was no more in love with the person she married. And she knew one thing she cants live with the person whom she did not love; Or have any physical relationship. It was impossible for her to pretend in love or relationship. She was even told by her aunties did not we live with our husbands. Still, she was firm she can’t stay with a person whom she did not love. It took just five years of marriage life. Things fell apart as her grandmother passed away. That was the time she went through physical and mental abusing. Only one concern she had during her marriage was the hope that a person loved her respected her emotions. But he turned out to be a selfish money loving maniac.

Here heart never came to a conclusion to go back to him. She tried hard. But always her heart said BIG NO no matter how hard she fought within herself. She couldn’t convince herself to go back. Failed with scars deeply. Her grandmother got her married to that person so she can see within family circle as he was a wealthy rich person. Unfortunately, she was not found of richness or property he was holding. He turned out to be so miserably poor all that he had is only money.

In passing ten years till date, She completed her entire round of all the emotions traumas. Since her life was teaching her to love herself which she did not do for so long. Always running behind people to love her. She understood what life was telling her and repeating it over and over again. Until she learned it. Finally, she did it. But she was never the same. She completed cut her talks with her son; since she didn’t want him to lie to her and made his choice to stay back with his Father.

She fell in Love with each and every relationship she found from small to big deals within relatives of her father’s sister’s her favorite aunt’s, cousin’s, sister, girlfriends, boyfriends. Just in response, she wanted to be in love. Once her Doctor told her ” You have to rest and start loving yourself, As it was a one-way trip.”  As people couldn’t touch her soul. They just knew her with bad unluckiest past, or Many thought she had no responsible free from everything, But those same people did not get into her shoes of pain, loved to be around people, feeling good, take caring of people, She was an empath to core as she could feel everybody’s pain. She intended to do good for her loved ones, but it always ended with a wrong note that she could not understand if she was insane or they mistook her. Relationships never worked in favor of her. So she stopped

As hard she searched for humans having unconditional love; The hard she searched harder she fell in a loophole of radar. She had thumb rule nothing is impossible in life, and if you love the person, you will find the way to have them. Unfortunately, she lost a bit of herself which was taken by each person. The maximum limit was draining the soul which She Did. Now she tells, I don’t love anymore or care for anyone, there is nothing humans with selfish needs. Everybody wants to have a relationship until they are happy; If they are not, I am optional. Once need is completed as time passes people also move on. I am not sure how many people thrive to have one right relationship. Most of them get many, or one, two relations correct, that can be in-form of parents, siblings, Friends, Husbands, Kids. And many suffer one part of they life, i,e, at a stage where things fail and pick up. But in my case, I could not even have one. She smiled at me stating this.

But I was sure she came clean with emotions that there is “nothing left to feel anymore.”As I saw people grown with pain torn soul are the people go inner the soul and connect with it. They will change, and thinking would get more sensible where normal society fearing people could not understand the sensitiveness of they talk. They would hold question all material things. The soul takes over rather than mind and body. They would have rare friends and distance from everything that they feel useless waste of time. She did the same loving her solitude and being introvert honest.

  • Sangavi
  • Being In Love is Being in the second life of the fantasy; I keep myself drunk in poems where I live a life of all the poets;
    Emily Dickinson, ‘Much Madness Is Divinest Sense.’
    Anonymous, ‘Fowls in the Frith.’ This poem, which is around 800 years old, is ambiguous
    Oliver Goldsmith, ‘An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog.’

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