Obsession Of Fairytales

Being a kid,
I was so obsessed with fairytales;
Grew up wandering for my prince;
How is going to swipe my troubled life;
And tale goes “Happily lived forever.”

But inside my heart;
There was a kind of coldness;
He left inside me;
To remind me every day;
It was just a stage show;

Held by time, which I can’t have;
No comfort I could find anymore;
Cruel to be obsessed with dreams;
As there was no switch in my hand;

The demon takes its turn over;
To torment, Which I could never understand;
I wished it was never there;
The stain of the tattoo remains;

Trying to know the ink wear with time;
And the witchcraft will slow down;
Somewhere Still, the scars stand intact;
It finds no happy place;

Moreover, It sits quietly inside me;
As it torn inside living nothing;
I feel oh, it was my old obsession;
So let me be with it;


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