Not A Fairy Tale;

They should touch your soul first; Make your fear as the strength; Asking Your thoughts as words; Then they can meet your body too;

My dear, if they don’t know how your eye is sparked with passion;

When you are talking about something you love; They would pay attention to see the thing that you try to say. Listing is the key to an everlasting love. If you find one, never let them go out of your life; And the bottom line of this is they would never give you down. They would make a point adding meaning to you and in your life; Never less than this don’t let anybody to be with you; It should be adding a smile on your face rather than see a beautiful body.

It’s your soul that needs to be loved from the pain and to be understood healed. That is when you invite them inside you.

It’s not a fairytale or rocket science; Its just mature way of understanding of life and love;



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