Expectational Life

I would like to start with the famous nonsense proverb “Expectation Is Roots Of All Suffering.” How many times we have seen this proverb flashing over our eyes and feeling its true and we are the culprits?? This is a total bullshit sentence I would have ever come across. Let’s see how stupid is this to annoy anyone.

This proverb was famous from one of Buddha’s quotes. Have you ever thought even Budha was or is expecting us to not to hope, maybe whatever reasons it might be? But cut it out. We are social animals we need people around us to touch feel, love, express, acknowledge us as they friends or family.

Its impossible to go without expectation; Since it has evolved with us from the time of all living evolutions on this planet. Basically, I would like to start from the womb, a sperm cell which becomes chromosomes then develops into living organ depend on mother to make its first step on this earth expecting mother would be helping, it to get out from this small place of the womb.

The expectation is the fundamental law of living. Nobody else crosses the limit of surmise; As all other animals meet the needs of hunting what they need for the day or days. As this is not the case in humans; Each time It’s more and more, which is not sufficient. That is where the clause of expectations take the path of suffering which is known to be greed. There is the fragile line between greed and expectation which most of us undervalue or oversee it.

In other words, Expectation is hope of getting something we don’t have, But Greed is something we have and don’t realize it. In case wanting for more and more.

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