I Found Myself

I found myself again waking up morning;
While opening the window;
I could feel the sweet smell of lilies
In the backyard of my garden;

I went out dancing in the sunshine;
As nothing felt so warm in a long time;
The rays on my skin were dazzling;
And the grass beneath my feet felt soft;

Nothing had been this normal in a long time;
Pilling myself with loads of novel;
Which stood orphan without my touch;
I went playing the country music;
As of riding shotgun;

I found myself while walking along the seashore;
To witness the settling sun with colours of love;
And when the sun rose the next day;
Telling me to live as life is beautiful;

I found myself while trying to tie up my curtains up;
While serving me some hot tea;
Thoughts wandered inside me;
I am going to be alright;
Because I found myself while pacing down;

The wide open roads at Midnight;
As we laughed under the starts;
I remember that the world is much bigger than I am;
and there is so much more out there;
Then what I have;

I found myself while tracing back;
My footprints along the sand;
While listening to the water;
That rush alone the creeks;

I found the warmth of living;
And breathing after all the tragics;
I found myself that the person I was before;
Knowing that the bruise;
Which weren’t just physicals;

But had the deepest scar inside me;
I found myself while looking into my lesion;
Making me strong which I was not a day before I was;
To take pride in me;

And knowing I have a friend inside me;
Which should be loved and taken care.
I found myself.


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