How Long Is The LifeTime

How long Is the lifetime we hold?, This was a simple calculation done online to get a picture of how we use our time. There is one equality for all humans given by nature is twenty-four hours a day from Bill Gates to me and you.

We love pushing things and our schedule for next day, month or years which never pops up. And never understand how time passes the front of you’re within a snap. And finally, you are doing nothing but holding regrets, If I would have done the better.

Clearing the clouds,  We have “No Much Time In Life.” Think about it, If an average person dies around 80 years old. How a person spends his days right off the bat, most people sleep seven or eight hours a night.

Cutting down one-third of that, you’re left with Fifty Three years to live which is pretty good. If the average person works from 25 to 65 years? That’s another ten years gone, but there are more Forty-three years to live.

As per studies, an average (2016) American’s take ten hours of screen time per day this combine social media with meaningless entertainment like TV shows or sports alongside news related and gossips news of famous people. Who dam care anything apart from attention from a commoner.

The content of the TV show part is 4.5. Hours per day and rising with companies like Netflix fighting more for your eyeballs, this means the average American spend 7-8 years of their lifetime just watching Television.

If considered, what consumes time in day-to-day like eating, cleaning and getting dressed. Driving and all the small tasks you’ll know that the average person in developed countries has less than 30 years to live.

If you live in a poor or developing country, you can easily cut into half of the time which leaves you with only fifteen years to live the life. So where do you stand with the amount of time you’re left to live your life Or still looking for an escaping from your comfortable life.



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