How Does Depression Feel Like

How Does depression feel like?

The least understood word “Depression” What does common think about?

Ordinary people think it’s terrible, annoying behaviour, good creating problems. Treating them one of them. Many time depressed people are insane people how should be better left alone. They are fine.

The brain is a complicated organ. As it goes, the person who can control his/her emotions is master of himself. How many people can control they emotions like anger, sadness, annoyed? Even the average person without depression can’t have a hold of his/her mind. BUT HOW Normal People CAN EXPECT A DEPRESSED PERSON WITH ANXIETY AND MOOD SWING CAN HAVE CONTROL OVER THEY EMOTIONS?

Science has proven that its chemical reactions which need medical attention. The thoughts get manipulated in seconds, they just start bombarding inside the mind. Which is difficult to explain. It all begins with one single view which keeps adding the fuel. These people have no control over the way to think. These are not currently happening thoughts, they are the past UNHEALED ones who are left unnoticed. 

Depression is not like fever or cold, just have medicine for 4/5 days to get well.  It spreads like cancer in the long run and blast. When the brain is unable to handle these wones which are unheard or unhealed.

The brain gets exhausted with accumulating the thoughts which leads him/her to feel they are done with the life and unable to handle any more ideas. The mind stops them from seeing new people in life to move on. Since all the previous would be gone horribly wrong. It stops at all things that come in and end up doing nothing.

They always see hell while going to sleep. When they are going to sleep, The body would be tried drained, the brain keeps them not failing rest busy pilling up the thoughts. One thought at the starting point which leads to self-harming, crying loud, want to die, committing Suicide, never wants to wake up. What they cry would be so hard which would sometime put them in sleep.

After an awful night, they would show up outside as ordinary people. Who does not have any issues, But deep inside they would be broken in pieces, which would show up in the eyes. They keep normal in front of others. But all it starts when they are alone with themselves the cruelty of self-destruction begins within them.

They are very reasonable around people, the brain is well aware of surrounding. It reacts very slowly once the thing occurs it would go in thinking again and again. Most people in depression knows how to handle situations, WITHOUT SHOWING THE SCARS. They are deep thinkers and analyse every single point spoken and told where and what went wrong.

They keep them honest, don’t lie. Nothing to lose knowing everything is temporary where death is anytime visitor. Which makes them hard nut to know and understand by ordinary people. They open up will very full people whom they trust and feel they could understand the depression. But if it doesn’t go well with trusted counter-part, These are pushed back in hell.

These people are addictive to anti-depress medicines to keep the boiling mind in stand-still mode, where they can’t think KEEPING THEM BLIND ON THE PAIN. Music works like a wonder to them.

Any person going with depression need attention and care. Not nailing them as impossible, rude, mad, difficult. EVEN NORMAL PERSON LIKE ATTENTIONS FROM FAMILY, AT WORK, MANAGER, LOVED ONES. Ordinary People try to seek attention in all possible way within the community, staying on top of the game. WHY IT’S NOT WITH PEOPLE WITH DEPRESSION? WHO NEED SPECIAL ATTENTION. 

I have been bi-polar(self-destruction), depression, anxiety, grimy mind. With no humans help. People find me hard, difficult, confused. Every night I see hell fight with my emotions seeing my parents burning in front of my eyes. I battle my insomnia, thoughts, depression for more than five years. No one stood in the worst days of this fight. The scars keep increasing. The only support I get music and medicines. Not a single so-called human.

But I live every day and die every night. Many times Its self-harm, the amount of anxiety where it’s getting boiling, without knowing how to deal with. What to scream loud. But how? With whom to share with? Anybody to listen to heal. Finding no way out stuck in the messy hell of a life . We are a human being. We need humans to love humans.

These are common factors of depression, help who needs help. TALKING IS CHEAP, BUT BEING TRUE EMPATH GETTING IN THE SKIN IS RARE TO RAREST.


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