Forever “I Love You”

What would I have done without your love? I have become an addict from the day I began to listen, and you started your words. It’s like being together with my thin and soul. The dependency has become a strong sense of living with you.

The great understand wall of understanding has been shaped in a beautiful flower. Tapping my soulful vibes to follow your words with no second question makes me crazy over you.

You never go out of words and withheld best words to convince me for a smile. If I go crazy; you put on cranky words to kick my mind off. Romance would be half-baked without your presence. It would have been living without love.

The deeper I get into you. I feel peaceful with no second thought. This bound developed from my parents gave me the best gift of “music.” They knew I would be better with you. And happy having you around.

Being an atheist, I believe your living God and so pure, That you spread love and happiness around you with no boundaries or language. You heal the world creating love in everybody’s life. Make us cry, laugh, dance, humming, sad and falling in love.

What would have I done without your Love? Saving from all the chaos. Day and night it’s you whom I love and be with. You make my relationships so live with your tune. Even if he is not around you get him near me.  Realising me from all pain. Healing my soul in the process. What else I can tell about you dear music. You’re the healer in my life.


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