First Motherhood

The age I went on pregnancy was nineteen; Even thou I was educated but nothing I knew about motherhood. I was wondering all my seven months how do babies come out. But did not dare to ask anybody even husband any family member. I just let it happen to me. Actually, I did not want to have a kid at that age, just had a goal to complete my educations. But the process started when I let it go with the flow; As I was found of girl babies, All my family predicted that I would have a boy baby.

When I was nearing the date; I did not mind having any boy or girl. Just was happy something amazing and beautiful process is going on. No mother will forget the first kick of the child, and I loved the feeling of its foot which was strong.

I slowly developed a habit of talking to the baby when we were alone to my surprise the baby used to react to the talks, where I felt the movements and kicking. The day came where the baby was upside down, and water broke. At my family decided to go with operation I was tired of going with the medical process and checkup was hell with each doctor. Where I wish baby should come out as soon as possible.

As I got hospitalized, I was expecting babies father to be next to me, But he failed to come and hold my hands. But I had entire family with me. And the baby was making me challenging to hold on; meanwhile, the pain started. I was unhappy where I could not have a husband next to me.

But things were above to take upside down in my life which was going to make an immature girl to complete women. I could not take my hand off away from my stomach. I did not know what I was going on, But everything was on, but I was at a standstill. I was taken inside the operation room. As the doctor arrived late; I was injected. But the numbness worked I felt the first raw cut of the knife which I made the sound.

Slowly I could feel everything without pain and be complete awake did not sleep talking to the doctor;  Within minutes, the kind of organism came out covered with blood. By that time I was tried seeing the baby I asked what it is boy or girl. They told its boy; I could hear the soft weeps trying to learn crying like a little mouse. I was in heaven. May me that’s motherhood. I did not care about anything even his father did not come. I was least bothered.

Where I was falling in sleep. They took him for cleanup. My life was complete. I was falling in sleep or in love I didn’t understand till now; as soon as I had my son holding him in my arms I was completed in love with him. his tender hands. And I was trying to roll him into my hands, and people were trying to teach how to hold him. As I was learning and understanding this tiny boy, who came out of my stomach parting into two.

That was the first time I as a woman feel the love of my baby; trying to keep him protected and cozy as he was inside my stomach. Pinkish lips, dry skin ripping out, Always hunger for milk, Just know one thing crying for more and more. And I was the protector of this human being who was going to be an adult some beautiful day. The love would never change no matter what age he goes and how far he goes away.

The love would be priceless cherish for a lifetime. As he made my life more human and love all other kids as same as him. He thought love in the new version and in a better way.


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