Evolution Theory Between You And Me

This is Not a Poetry;

It’s an evolution of you and me;
Seeing strange things happening around us;
When we are the only two gender alive;
who transform the world upside down;
It’s a reason we destroy each other;
It’s a reason we love each other;
Unfortunately, Both have a time limit;
Once we swipe our card in a time machine;
It sets an auto-expiry date; Once we are Done;
Still struggling to understand the concept of Us;
Our body which attracts each-other like a magnet;
It’s not only us, Who holds two Genders;
But Its spread across the animal kingdom;
Thou, they make peace of adjustment;
To live in a single Amazon forest;
Between the sky, land, and water;
In-between, we have evolved from nomads
Too high-class technocrats of wealth;
Again, we struggle to get along with each other;
Thou, Both get in shape with default feature;
In our mother’s womb and with the help of sperms;
With same procedure; Still, we find so hard to get to know;
Each other for better understanding;
Due to this overrated confusion; We allocate ourselves,
me from one planet; And you from another;
Making us a complicated creature;
To confuse themselves; To make things more difficult;
In the process, we have invented so many words;
Which do not solve any of our problems;
Failing to understand how our genitalia works?
We put ourself on others to complete our physical touch;
In the name of love, sometimes lust or just in the name of love;
This put me in deeper thinking;
Being a Woman and Man is not a problem;
But failing to keep a full stop for unwanted problems;
Making us so vulnerable without an alien invasion
We hate too much without any condition
And love too little with all condition applied;
the evolution theory of Charles Darwin.


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