Crazy Year Of Mine

The Crazy Year of mine;
Things went in a snap;
Sometimes I loved the year 2018;
Sometimes I wanted to the runway as soon as possible;

Sometimes I cried cursing in pain;
Meanwhile, Life thought me to laugh louder;
Few times I wished dead;
And Few, I hoped for a better life;

Sometimes it drew me being nuts and crazy;
Meanwhile, I got stupid enough to understand;
Few relationships washed away;
While few, stood the test of time for everlasting;

Sometimes, I wanted to freeze movements;
And Many times, I tried hard running away from it;
Sometimes I got drunk with happiness;
Sometimes I got drunk being a sober;

Lost loved ones in the shadow of Dead;
At another corner I welcomed newborn;
I Cried loud with big tears;
Meanwhile, few tears popped out with a smile;

Sometimes I fought on behalf of my loved ones;
And few fights I struggled within myself;
Sometimes went on parting hard;
While Sometimes rolled in bed with aeroplane mode;

Somedays the home was filled with the guest;
And somedays enjoyed the silence prevailed in my house;
With myself;

No matter what and how things worked still yesterday;
Now I am running into the new year;
Holding another year of experience of life;
So that I could get better with the new year,

Spreading some more extract memories;
Getting Busy bundling them;
I know it might get confusing and boring;
As it is all about Copy Paste;

But, still, life should go on;
With whatever it takes to make it worthy as I live;


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