Change Is Constant

This is not poetry or an article to preach. Just the thoughts to share; We all are fighting our own demons every day and night;
Each day, there is a new problem hung over our shoulders. Many days we fail to keep our positive mind alive.

Feel sick and worst person, grumbling about how bad karma is, But I really wonder, If it is suffering from own Karma’s or its God’s wish I suffer. This question goblets inside me.

As Deeper the thoughts drive inside my skin and mind, it provokes towards self-pity and cursing words asking God Why me? What mistake or wrong I did?

This question “Why Me” comforts my skin. It is a perfect way to feel innocently good and a person who has gone with so many problems.

Still surviving with all odd in life. Hey, Stop is this correct way to approve entity.
It is bullshit I was feeding myself, and the rule book with Ego and self-pity did not allow me to change and adapt for years.

Once I realised that Change is Constant, and it requires every single day attention to work on issues I am facing.

Then, Life calls back and tells its ok to feel sad with self-pity for day or two. But never stay in the same place for weeks, months, years or entire life and tell “Life Sucks.”