Bright Side of Next Year

Another year by-passes me;
Drenched in my wine glass;
Wondering how extraordinary;
My life would stay with the same old content;
I will never be ready;

For whatever life throws at me;
I will never get my words correct;
Which may count of real;
I will never know what to choose;
When my fate itself staring me down;

But one thing I know;
I don’t always need correct answers for everything;
Which I have learned;
I can go on waiting for something;
Sustained by hope and nothing more;

Whether it would come across or not;
Sustaining the word of hope in my mind;
I can put all things aside;
And shrug my shoulders;
Bravely accept the fact;

I can’t keep my heart safe;
And any more than I can stop love;
Which would take everything from me;
Meanwhile, I have learned to stop saying yes;
Whenever I don’t want to mean it;

To be a lover as authentical person;
Allowing my fingers to skirt and darkness;
As long as I remember;
Keeping my eyes fixed on the light;
When one door opens and another closes;

I will move on, with the knowledge;
Which I have most unlikely;
Similar to many others;
I have another year ahead of me;
Another shot, as sun revolve around;
And brand new chance;
To get it right this time round;


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