Being Women based on my thoughts

Women’s are considered to be weakling always primarily in the country I live India. On hourly bases, girl kids from three years to seventy years women are raped and even killed.

As girl reach the illegal age or before that they are married in the name secure life in some strangers home. In my case, I was married to my childhood sexual abuser, who was supposed to be my father’s sister-son, in the name of security and will remain in the same family and in-laws were rich. And I had lost my both parents in a fire accident at the age of nine. Hence I did not own any money or property.

Even thou I was not mentally prepared for the married I had no option left in the family I stayed. Either get married or marry the guy we choose. I took up this marriage for the entire family of my grandmother. Which was the quite big with ten kids she had? Before understanding the meaning of life, marriage, sex, in-laws I was dumped with all these responsibilities. Which I failed so severely within five years everything came crashing front of my eyes. I was kicked out of the house; my grandma passed away, I couldn’t take my son with me since I didn’t have a home when I left home.

In my life, emotions feeling love taking care was most important, I was an extremely empathic person who put others first rather than myself. I was made to be like that. Money was the least priority due to this carelessness all my twelve years of earning went waste in lakhs which led me into debt.

But in this all the problems I found my strength went to the core note of fearless. I don’t have very impressive talking or act smart with people. When I like somebody, I trust them with no conditions applied. No cross-questions are digging into they personal affair until its told. I deep-rooted live let live, and most important ” NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, EVERY PROBLEM HAS SOLUTION. AND WE DONT REACH TO THE ANSWER OR SOLUTION BECAUSE WE GIVE UP AND DONT TRY HARD ENOUGH.”

If you are not getting what you want you’re not trying hard enough. In every stage of life men’s stand beside you of opposite to you. But you’re the one to choose silent to raise the voice.

We are compared to the motherland, mother earth. Why??

Because she is the one who can create give birth or destroy with no trace left. We are she. Don’t give up and stop being victim card. Work hard and live harder as a real woman. When I can raise from ashes of my parents to offer myself a decent life.

You can also. Believe in the heaven is found after fear.



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