You Can Rattle With Me Around

How can you say you know me;
While I have a secret to share;
I’m not the same what you have seen;
And I’m, not the same what I have been;

The world has been outstretched before me;
It is not the only one I have seen;
Travelling on the tails of a comet;
And burning the heart of many stars;

While I spat out of supernovas;
Leaving me scattered far beyond;
Dining in the distant galaxy;
Where I drilled birds to sing;

I speared by dancing on Saturn ring;
Thou, I have been here long enough;
To watch the lullabies whispering talks;
I’ve been both the flowing water;
and a rock that blocks its way;

And sometimes froze or melting molt;
I will take a walk someday again;
To live a life of billion years;
I am the first one that can smile;

Living my pieces where ever I walk;
While now I am living a human life;
To rattle a change for a while;


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