World Demanded To Be Honest

The world asked to be honest;
When the wish granted;
They told, She was not smart;
Getting them into judgemental suit;
To analyzing the act of her mistakes;
Still, the world demanded to be honest;

Labeling her to being characterless;
Relationships got hard confusing to know;
Thou, trying to get things on track to please all;
They concealed friendship to be ok being frank;
Without bending the rule book;
Still, the world demanded to be honest;

Thou, Tagged her to be unethical;
Named atheist and being a brat;
She got drunk with friends to be sober;
So, true words which frightened in a normal stage;
Did not hold her back to state things;
Still, the world demanded to be honest;

Cutting-off the drama of pleasing people;
Which made her technically unfit to anybody;
They saw the devil of arrogance in her;
And others went to be unsympathetic;
Still, the world demanded to be honest;

She held a strong will to fight all odds;
To find the real meaning of her life;
Bewitched the flaws by connecting to the soul;
Finding truth by crossing social norms for love;
Still, the world demanded to be honest

Thou love also ordered her social status;
Asking validation to live for others ratification;
Telling her to be the path of God’s will;
No matter how much it hurt and scared inside;
Still, the world demanded to be honest;

People told sharing love is the best self-love;
Unfortunately, she meant to fail in self-love;
When reality acceptance was taken over;
By status, money, materials things;

Which she never got a hold of it;
But was ready to get dilute in love;
Which possesses her, without no one notice;
Still, the world demanded to be honest;

She allowed people to think;
They are smart by winning an argument;
To satisfy their ego of being bossy;
Even thou, they refused to stand in her footsteps;
Still, the world demanded to be honest;

  • Sangavi
  • Being In Love is Being in the second life of the fantasy; I keep myself drunk in poems where I live a life of all the poets;
    Emily Dickinson, ‘Much Madness Is Divinest Sense.’
    Anonymous, ‘Fowls in the Frith.’ This poem, which is around 800 years old, is ambiguous
    Oliver Goldsmith, ‘An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog.’

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