Woman Living More Lives

She slipped away in times;
Holding herself away for long hours;
Not knowing the reason beneath;
Thou,I got tricked with her charms;

As her eye blink to be calm;
It was more enchanting of mystery;
Tempting me to follow her trace;
The voice whispered poetry of love;

She tangled within books and books;
Looking at her;I noticed;
She drenched with blue and white;
The ink spread around her cheeks
and lips;

Trying to fix her shabby dress and hair;
Found myself vulnerable with her lips;
She seduced with her art and love;
of books and poetry;

Thou,I met a woman;
Who lives many lives from her books;
Knowing her first love;
Is beyond stars and moon;
Where the characters comes alive;
Within a fascinating world of books.


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