When You See Me In Red gown;

You See me lying in a red gown;
Not knowing, It’s different me;
Thou, I have ever been;
A little I am more,
and a little I am less;
I Flicker into small molecules in time;
Shining away to run as far as I can;
I burn the love; in your sleepy eye;
Knowing how fluttering you may buy;
Thou, my hands are full;
while holding the crimping fabric;
of your wrinkled shirt of blue;
We watch the candles;
to brighten our eyes;
As the face reflects in the booming light;
While we travel in our deep breath;
Along with some breathless laugh;
And the moon breaks;
through our broken aches;
As it spilt onto your face;
in the darkest night;
While we share to roll them down;
And You See me lying in a red gown;


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