What To Write

What To Write

I stumble holding my pen;
Not knowing what to write;
Whether to scribble some words;
Which pop-up, to be barely understood;

Filled with more errors and mistakes;
Not knowing how to correct each word;
But still, I think what should be penned;
After wasting a few pages;

I always get reasonable about, whether;
I should write about how beautifully;
I do live in my imaginary world in heaven;
Or the real life, Which I hate to live in hell;

Either I must fake my happiness of living;
Or I should pen my horrible low-spirted life;
And immediate realizing everybody;
In the corner of their lives feels downcast;

At least occasionally;
Why should I raise the same feeling;
Reasoning myself, why;
It’s the same hell at a different level;

Thou, everybody suffers still, fighting inner demons;
Knowing Imaginary world is less painful than Real life.
I still, tapping with my pen “What to Write.”


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