Type Of Love

The more I talk about love. This one word gets me into the spired web, without any single force word which controls the entire universe with liking and disliking. In which few can get categorized.

Personally, this type of romance is the most unreal of all, because, although everyone wants to believe in love at first sight, no relationship is perfect from the beginning. Nobody falls in love in a second. Love is born from living, having conflicts, sharing moments and opinions, experiences, etc. The “love at first sight,” is a purely physical attraction or in any case sexual attraction, but only that attraction, curiosity maybe, because you don’t know the other person.

Even so, that kind of romance are popular. The movie fantasy that is given with the spark of a look that seals the destiny of those involved for life. If you are a fan of falling in love at first sight. It’s more consistency beyond a simple look, this gives a touch of credibility to the relationship.

It’s one is more popular romance nowadays. In the name of Praticleness. Which I feel silly in romance. Where two people know at the cant live together with several reasons. But still, hold love for each other We keep ourselves so buys that we keep justification for forbidden our own feeling thinking that its best way to live.

Which is redirected to so called “Fate.” And move on, but somewhere we always have a hidden thought hope I was with him/her life would have been better. That’s true life would be better and don’t worry our own ego won’t allow us to agree to the point. Keep justifying our actions.

This sprout at innocent age understanding and taking extract care of each other. Even thou seeing each other on daily basis will improve the relationship not without getting discounted with each her. Friendship bonds create the deepest chemistry between each other.

They are normal-headed knowing each other flaws. These are common people who fall in love with the same attitude as a stranger. But still holding each other within themselves. No cast, religion, status or creed comes to break them.

It is very similar to the previous one. The difference is that there are no bonds of friendship between them in ithe initial stage, but still, they have many possible chemistries between them. But usually, they hate each other for one or several reasons. But they go from hate to love. Whether they hate each other because of differences, unforgiven mistakes, misunderstandings.

This is meant to told as “Love is Blind” When age doesn’t matter between them. No matter entire world would have taught them with all curse words, And most commonly society would typecast the older person as evil and younger version is innocent or putting together for only Money or material things.

Honestly, people found with the reed of material things which is not real love. This kind where one is mature enough to handle each other with the vast age difference between the them. They are aware of each other needs and stay in realism on many things. Here the older person would feel much younger of their patterns. And younger would feel they are protected with the life experience. And try to accomplish better living.

Many don’t believe or get angry with these people. But I think they’re the same human like us, but the hormones work in da different level, and they do not make any difference. People who have a sexual orientation different from heterosexual, experience the same situations both emotionally and physically as any other person in the world. And love falling in a romantic relationship, as with every human being, according to the emotional needs of the person and not their sexual orientation which makes unique love saga.





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