The Second Chance Of Love

I looked for him all over;
My heart pounded;
The eye was fading;
Giving up to darkest around;

I searched in the darkest
If I could hear his voice again;
There was no voice heard;
The shadow of hope faded inside;

His spell of love went haunting;
I was dissolving myself in chunk pain;
Asking myself, Is there nothing I can do;
I was falling into deep darkness;

As deeper I went;
The enormous amount of sorrow stuck inside me;
Blind Siding all the available path to the living;
I was stubborn to suffer;

And to stay in hell of pain;
And tormenting myself to recreate extinct memories;
My heart couldn't understand he is gone;
Never past will repeat; 

As I prayed for a death wish;
Suddenly, I felt a touch of an angel;
Acknowledging as known voice;
In the slow process;

I was getting dragged out of darkness;
There was a light, which was getting closer to me;
I found an angel who stood in the sun;
I tried bundling myself with shabbiness;
I hurried to catch up the dazzling light in twilight;
It took me, a long time to understand;
But there was something magical happening inside me;
Pain rested without troubling me;

His touch of kiss felt relieved;
As if, Giving life to a dead;
My tears popped up, with the joy of dignity;
And he was there to hold me;
No matter how hostile I looked;
Wondering second chance of love;



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