The Sage Tale Of Moon

She raised If I love her;
I told If I said Yes;
I would lie, my dear;
The tears gushed from her eyes;

As if they were meant to descend, for me;
Looking at me with dissatisfaction;
Sinking inside a loophole of confusion;
She asked me if she did not love me enough;

With heavy tearful voice, she hushed;
Questioning; If I don’t feel any warmth-ness;
Still last night there was no trouble in paradise;
As she listened to my voice filled in romance;

The entire world came to stand still;
To see our companionship, for being together;
Feeling down with her thoughts; I asked;
Is our love, limited to our intimate nights;

With a smile, you blush when I take you in my arms;
My dear, our love is not confined to bed;
Still, they are so many things to be told;

Apart from the fantasy world of mutual affection
Now, you might wonder what;
If I told you “Yes” to love you forever;
To support you, hold you, and love you always;

Unfortunately, I am a visitor in your garden;
I fall in love with you every night;
When my light sparkles in your eyes;
When you cuddle inside me;

I feel I am forever your love;
As the fate dance inform of the sun;
You know I melt in your hands;
Thou, you wait for me every day;

Wearing flowers pearls and fragrance;
I feel complete in your soul;
Fatal time tells I couldn’t be all the time;
There will be days where you should walk
alone dear, When I am unavailable;

You take a grand fight with the entire world;
I listen to the victorious battle of all your tales;
And, you asked me If I love you;
If I said Yes; I would lie, my darling;


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