The Person You Loved

Baby, you loved a person;
Who was a kind, to burn you and self;
Holding you onto things so tightly;
Even the wildfire spreading all over didn’t matter;
Until the grip of holding didn’t feel right;
And although it gave blisters;
As hands would ache or feel numb;

The holding was with love, my dear;
Which never forced, but a willingness to fall into;
All that mattered was your love;
There was no second thought;
Thinking worth the pain, it takes;
And use to think about losing things;
In the process, missing part of myself;

For the record, my heart no longer knew;
What I was becoming in the process;
One day something bounced me back;
Dropping what I had once held so dearly;
Allowing my soul to feel lighter;
Instead of living in an amount of fear;
Which haunted me of losing you;

And it taught me something precious;
That some things are not meant to be everlasting;
With a closing note of the lesson;
And continue to live on;
You don’t have to cling to people;
Who no longer make you smile;
Or so something you have come to hate;
If it is not worth your time;

And, sometimes the things your fighting for;
Is not worth that cost;
And not everything you lose is a loss;
Which can be just a new lesson to learn;
And life should go on with or without you;


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