The Home I Lived And House I Live

We all have lost a bit of our self; As I think what things.? It takes a back seat of my childhood in my grandfather home.

The place which I can proudly say my home, still It’s my home as never left one lately. Now I live in a house where things are more than human touch. The home I miss was not much about things. There was not even a telephone line.

For any long distance call, I remember walking with my grandfather half a kilometres. And wait for half an hour to book a call or waiting with excitement.

The roads were not smooth filled with thin lines of stone, grass and sand. The rainy days was quite enjoyable, covering with big blankets getting cosy in the arms of my grandfather who used to read stories in candlelight or take me in his imaginary land of fairytales, god and monsters

There were days without electricity at night, where I use to count stars which is the brightest in the moonlight. Listening to made up stories filled with surprised where someone is staying up in the space and watching us. There was food always which never knew how many calories or worried about gaining weight.

The activities and playing the entire day, having farmland helping my grandpa with harvesting the crops, knowing the butterfly colours, loud cry over new dress gets dirty. Dragging cats tail sharing food with dogs and watching cattle chewing always.  Playing “mary-go-ring.”

They are days where the school was more interesting for snack breaks or watching someone sitting in front of my class when I hate school. And having dopamine effect when teachers appreciate the work with the reward of starts.

The summer season was such a fun playing on a sunny day keeping ourselves out; there was nothing like skin care of getting tan in sunlight. No videos games? or still with fancy technology things, NO selfie,

There was nothing like capturing every movement of kids; Now it’s a habit to capture every movement of kids. Without spending quality time with kids. Running behind kids with a mobile phone to have the best movement without knowing this is best.

We were not big shots with hell lot of money nor completely poor. But having a comfortable life filled with love and unknown happiness mattered a lot. As I grew up making money with the technology, I lost the touch of small things which made me happy. Jumping in rainwater, playing on a sunny day.

The home which I lived was filled with love, care and happiness. Unfortunately, I could not have another home. Instead, I build a house with all high-tech application to make me comfortable but not the delight of a home. 



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