The Girl Of Empath

She was crazy in her terms;
Nothing to hold back or let go;
To cherried every movement;
whatever created happiness for her;
Thou, stood uncontrollable cranky;

Her love extended with no control;
Rare of selfless love;
With no mind game of conditions;
The knife sharpened with hate;
Of silence of lies and betrayal;
The anger peaked with broken promise;

The vivid colour reflected surrounding;
Cursed by birth to empathise all others emotion;
The weakness of having an empathic heart;
The same empath distance her with relationships;
To be saved from falling hilltop;

Making loneliness to stay strong lone-read;
Thou, the thoughts drifted inside her;
The kind of introvert with long talks;
Did not appreciate short talks;

Spun safety grounds on a gut feeling;
She knew things do not work as we think;
Still, She melts like an Ice in hand;
And run wild like a river unstoppable;

The outer layer was a tough nutshell,
As you got inside the shell fell naked;
showing the vulnerable weakness;
Of being soft;


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