The Girl I meet In Road Side VIII

The Girl I meet In Road Side: Is the story of the weekly edition published every weekend. 


I started to drive, asking her for the route,
And switched on my radio for some songs. To divert my thoughts.

The thoughts were gobbling from inside. As if, everything changed around me within a few hours.

Not anymore, I was interested to know this girl, all sudden I didn’t matter and no more willingness to know about her. But for an unknown factor; There was sometimes between us.

I could still feel the envy smile she gave. When I was talking to my mother, all for sudden, it was all about me. Thou I tried myself to hold my grounds, Thinking Why Should I drop her?

I Can ask her to take Cab? With all these questions made think I was so mean to her. It was me who invited her. Shutting all my thoughts of being evil. I concentrate on her to get myself into rational thinking.

Now I didn’t want to know about her personal life. So, I strive to talk about a general topic while I picked upon movies.

Asking “Do You watch movies”?

She said “Yeah I do, but it’s rare.

Me “Then what you do with your free time.”

She replied, Mostly I work with NGO’s for kids.”

I said, “Oh it amazing, which are the NGO your connected with?” And Nowadays we are so much into ourselves; As if we think we have the worst problems in life and another side is greenery. Even I don’t visit NGO apart from my company camps. Until they tell its mandatory.

With a smile, she replied “Oh One of my friend’s mom is running an NGO, and they are connected to many other places in rural areas, So I keep visiting them.

That’s nice I told.

While cursing myself for having evil thoughts about her; As we drove close to her place.

She continued; “It’s good to know, you remember me for the days we met in the pub; and now we got time to talk to each other after a long time.

A couple for times I have seen you while waiting for a cab. But never thought we could become friends and speak for such a long time, come home I can fix you one more coffee or a drink.

I replied, “Oh some other time.” Now It’s too late and my mom will be waiting for me.

She said, “I insist please.”

I couldn’t refuse; wondering it would hurt her;

I said, “Ok ” with a long slang. But refused to have a drink; while telling my mom doesn’t like “drink and drive.” So I am better of with another coffee.

She smiled, and both agreed. While nearing to her place. She asked me to park the car.

Pulling over, I asked “which is your home”  She replied “There is no parking place near my home, so it better to park here. With reasonable sign; I told Ok and pulled over.

As we walked to her house, the strange thing I noticed with her; The house was two blocks away and while near it. The building was the concern side which didn’t have any parking issue; Thou it was the clear ground where there was no other home,

With a Spooky feeling, We both entered the gate; As she opened the house, Her dog jumped on her. Thou the house looked sad from outside; Inside her home, it was spotless and tidy filled with indoor plants.

I was trying to get details of her house; While telling “Nice House” How much is the rent? While removing my Jacket and placing myself into her couch.

She replied it’s my friend’s apartment, So I don’t pay rent.

Do Your friends stay with you? Or you’re alone? I asked.

While She said, No my friends stay out of town. But I am not alone.

I asked who else?

I stated with my dog; So I have my pattern in crime.

Both laughed louder.

Without knowing; This would be the last laugh of my life.

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