The End Of Waiting

After a long wait; They met to feel the Soul;
It went months they both seen each other;
As he came home; She rushed to him;
Putting her hand on either side of his face;
She gazed over him as a treasure she found;
The house gets silent, Listing to their whispering thoughts;
The quiet place is heard by heavy breathing sound;
As the tears roll out of her tears of the long wait;
He bundles her up inside the arms;
As if, He has never gotten so lost in a kiss before;
Then, the space between them explodes;
The heart keeps missing the beats;
Both the hand trying to get the entire world within each other;
As she kisses; He realizes that he was longing for this touch
He has loved before, But nothing felt like this before;
Both felt more alive; Maybe it lasted a minute or an hour
All he knows is her kiss;
There was a tenderness in her kiss;
Like the soft touch of skin speaking to each other;
He did not understand how the magic occurred;
As if both were waiting for each other for a long time;
And finding the soul instead of a body; 

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