Sneak Winter Eve

Peeping into winter Eve and the best time to fall In Love;

The days getting shorter;
The moonlight takes its deep darkness;
Countless starts shining brightly;
I run into the cosiest place,
To smell the fresh wood burnt;
keeping the house warm; In winter;
I sneak outside my window;
I could see No one;

As the shining eyes feasting over the white carpet;
My heart gaze over the magic spread of winter;
The heart goes pounding with tickling feet;
Asking me to walk on white velvet;
Stepping out; there are nearly any similar face to talk;

The cottage stood in a row;
Sparkling eyes was wondering in the snow;
Thinking all the folks within the cottage;
Having a drink or two;

The tune of Carlos was playing in the background;
As I walked smelling freshness of laid pine trees;
I could see kids running all over the snow;
Having a glimpse through the curtain laces;
The tiny light bright in Christmas trees;
And some youthful form of the young face inside;
I had such company outward bound;
I went till there was no cottage found;

I turned and repented, but coming back;
I saw no window later; Most cover with snow;
The smoke was rising from the old chimneys;
Aroma of Thanksgiving Day;
but that was back over; the snow was creaking my feet;
Disturbed the slumbering village street;

I Stood Still, trying to fill every sense in my eyes.
Freezing the movements of joyfulness and love;
I was drowning in the mesmerizing beauty of Winter Eve;


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