Heart Felt Loved

The Heart Felt Love in her dictionary;

No pose, material things she wished. But having a peaceful, loving life with loved around to experience all emotions with some up and down hassle.

For a laugh, to cry, get mad over mistakes, trying to feel annoyed after a long argumental fight where a couple of hours would look like a long wait.

But getting mixed with the thoughts of justifying her actions to be correct.  The eyes would wander around the room to see where Nightfall is sitting or rushed out with anger.

Feeling sorry and trying to pick up reasons for the fight and carefully clearing the mind with no further arguments. As evening falls, her desperate attempts to fix a good dinner.

The night takes its place as the time run, asking herself never to get the same topic again to annoy him. As he approaches towards the dinner table, thoughts run in milli-second per second, how to close the after fight math.

She tries to have a goofy smile to get things right between the dining table. Slowly the talks get funny how things railed out of topic. Finding the right solution when things get calm.

The night falls into romantic note; when he takes her forehead to kiss with no words told. But she could understand more than that, which is untold. Whereas she knows, no matter how hard they have the difference between the two different individuals. He would always be at her side.

No matter how hard they fight, they have souls who stand as empathize walls to stand on each other shoes. And its the best part of growing with each other company.


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