While Both Walked the Aisle

She dressed like a princess;
The day she walked the aisle;
And his eyes fixed; as she walked the aisle;
Both prepared to promise a new life;

Knowing it would take every bit of lives;
But heartening they, love would overcome;
Any odd risk of their life;
yearning millions of dreams;

to make a pleasing lifetime;
both stood apart from the crowded light;
Ears went longing to melt;
When both said “I DO”;

While He kissed this bride;
Holding her with dazzling eyes;
Making a promise to give a positive life;
Thou, their life chapters would be war and peace;

Still, both promises to stand beside each other;
While taking care of their mood swing;
Yet, they hold all the courage to stand for each other;
Filled with Ego and pride of their own;

And think, It’s worthy of giving a try;
When they walked down the aisle;


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