She Broke Again

After all, the hustle made between mind and heart fight. Breaking again, for being around you.  For turning all the things to your own experience as “US.”

When you started, she didn’t have guts to tell you NO. Still, not questioning you for anything. But slowly you came up with all the promise of not hurting or putting her in pain and want to see the happy smile on the face.

Meanwhile, she was in her mess up and trying to heal her previous scars. You came as a God showing you’re the best honest person. Without knowing what to do but had blind trust over you, with no second thought. Keeping it honest.

she said, ”I was busy Grabbing all my soul piece to stitch again.” You left her as a madwoman with all personal shit. But you promised to be there and help them to heal it. I took a lot of courage to fall in love with you again. You showed her the best part of life. You became the soul healer for the wounds. But you took a few months to crash her soul filled with emotions, showing that she was worthless to be loved.

She didn’t ask you for skin flash or seek to turn her on. Wanted someone to figure and share the suffering of each other and stand next to each other. So both can heal which did not work. When the relationship was blooming calls went for long hours. Making addicted to your voice. Many times you have a comfortable sense of security with your view that triggered her mind to calm down without any extra efforts.

It was not smart, rich, money or for handsomeness, she fell in love with you. It was relaxing talk which pulled the blanket of love from the surface of her life. Things changed, once you reduced to talk and you didn’t like the calls. You didn’t want to make time with her. The love is the gift and presence in this short life all have.

From there things fell apart. Depression was mending her brain. Still, she was pulling stuff to work out. Which you never wanted to afford or know it. It’s was a Simple thing which makes a real-life happening.

It’s a daily process;

You blamed her for not being happy whenever you wanted to? But she was looking for answers which you decide to keep silent. You silent killed her so hard. Each talk was an argument. Within a few amounts of time, Her life was upside down. Ego popped out to prove who is correct. She was shown to be wrong, with your talks.

There was NO more us time to talk. Before things mutually understood and figured out. It meant to be the same hell of depression, which previously opened. You didn’t stand or look behind. I stood, and you have names. You left telling you could not handle and ran away leaving in the same old path all alone. There was a loud cry which did get ignored. Never wanted to know ”WHY?.” it’s happening?

This time it was devastated upside. When the roots shook, the tree will go weak. Not to give or take love. In the sacredness of being uprooted. As a space like nobody. Was trade for the soul or flesh? Left in the same place. As if its a timepass deal. She was looking for someone to grow old with to be and in love. Your actions spoke louder than words. By this time she learned to trust action rather than the words.

Unfortunately, she was sinking into the same hole of pain again and again. There was silence cry which her house knew in-between four walls. The pain was enormous tearing he soul down every time she thought of him. So realized no more and shut the door.


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