Run Away Life

There is a crazy thought inside us;
To run away far from this metro life;
Here we find our loneliness;
Of being together with no talks;
Thou, so-called home welcomes us;

Where we have already lost the fondness between us;
The darkness of silence,
Dance to the tunes of traffic and television;
Convincing ourselves that we have nothing to talk
anymore, with an artificial smile;

We dedicate our life with deadly pain;
Comfort ourselves with white lies;
As this is real life with nothing exciting;
Now, I want to recreate our old days;
To run away together from city-lights;

Where no one recognizes us;
Walking on the soft grass and diving into steep rivers,
This silence is cover with our laugh;
When nature speaks and sings,
Mesmerising us in its tune to feel alive.

Adding the sweetness in our soul;
So we fall in love all over again;
With the open sky and cold weather;
Sitting around the campfire;
As it creates a magical love to get us closer;

So that we spend hours together;
Talking about our wired dreams;
Which we never spoke before;
The talks and laughter is absorbed in nature;

Make us the king and queen of the forest;
As the sun rises in its vivid colour;
Spread across the sky;
The tiny water pebbles get tricked by the flirting sun;

We learn how happy we are;
Understanding how much to talk and listen;
As long as you’re holding my hands;
We live in a nomadic life;

Until we empty our pocket;
And rush back to city-lights;


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