Over Night HangOver

I could not get whether it was morning or afternoon; after an Over Night HangOver;

The lights were pouring into my windows;
Hitting hard on my eyes with the sharp and crouching sun;
In Mind, I wondered “Why should I get up so early.”
with a complete hangover last night, So it was my week off;
Suddenly, felt I was not alone in my bed;
And the second person in my bed;
I was patting, and my brain became active, With eyes closed;
What on earth I did last night;
Hitting hard to recollect “what the hell” happened last night;

But no change to get a recap over thoughts; Over Night HangOver
All of a sudden, My girlfriend came into the picture;
As I cancelled meeting her; With a lie as not well;
To make sure to go out with my friends;
Using all cruse words on self-asking “What the hell I did.”

Meanwhile, I was not sure whether it was a girl or a guy;
Next to me; Sweating to the core, thinking what to do?
My entire body went still without knowing how to act;
Too scared to open eyes to verify, as fear controlled me;

What would happen if my girlfriends come to know?
What would I tell or explain her?
What if she breaks up with me;
What if some of her pals saw me last night?
If her, pals informed her that I lied;
What if she thinks I am a big time lair;

This one incident concludes my character?
If she thinks I lied her an entire relationship?
She would feel cheated, broke.

How do I console her?
Oh gosh, What on earth I did?
I love her so much; But never thought of losing her;
She is the only person I want to get married;

Suddenly, I felt I could talk to the next person;
To fix the issue and make sure that;
I never have to see him/her again;
Let me forget this as a sad story which I hardly remember.

I am not sure, If it was he or She;
I took all the courage to talk and fix the issue;
Slowly I turned next to the person;
With a fixed conclusion;
asking sorry and living everything behind;

As I turned, I heard a voice “Hey Baby.”
My heart stopped for a minute, It’s my girlfriend’s voice;
It was her. Oh Gosh;
My heart filled with a kind of happiness;
I hugged her As if I never hugged her;

With a sort of relief and smile on my face;


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