Not Born Monster

I was not born a monster;
Once my grandmother told me;
Monsters hidden in the forest;
Inform of half human and animal;

I always amused myself how they would be;
Thou, I wanted to know more about a monster;
I asked my grandma; Do they stay in my town;
She smiled and told sometimes they do;

They remain in disguise in the form of you and me;
As I laughed with fear and fun;
The time passed, the slow process pilled;
Over me to be one of a kind;

And turning me cold;
My grief covers my skin;
To be pale and colourless;
Where I watered my pain with hard memories;

Thou, my thoughts crawled inside me,
As a Nocturnal animal;
I natured with the full truth;
And half dead lies;

Turning me into a monster;
Ruined the innocence of my childhood;
To hate to be loved,
Mastering the trick of many face act;

The weakness revealed with no words;
And my smile in an irritatingly smug;
so now I feel there are two kinds of me;
One sinking my face in quicksand;

And another boosting my ego;
To show up how great I am to be;
Faking my death of reality;
Allowing my hiding the pain;

To rest in my veins;
Fortunately, still I am living;
Human life in the same town;


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